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Turbo WP Basket

Turbo WP Basket – Add and Change A Money Making Widget To Your WordPress Blog Easily in seconds!

Turbo WP Basket is a truly unique program; one that every marketer and BLOGGER needs! Monetizing your blog has never been easier or more profitable thanks to Turbo WP Basket!

Turbo WP Basket allows any WordPress  administrator, for the first time, the ability to make and  publish a custom money making “Adsense style” ad block of their own for use on any WordPress blog as easily as writing a single post.

Turbo WP Basket’s easy interface lets you choose and publish revenue generating ads automatically to any of your WordPress blogs in a complimentary reader friendly editable html block  in seconds so you can get back to writing killer post/entries and earning money writing about what YOU want to write about.

You choose what products to display!

Any of your own products and…

Any Profitable ClickBank offering from ClickBank’s vast database.

Setting it up is a piece of cake. Just follow these few very easy steps:

First, add the products you want to display. They can be your own products or products you promote as an affiliate.

To add ClickBankTM offerings, click 1 button and import any of the products offered by ClickBankTM today. Set up your nickname and the products will carry your affiliate link.

Then create your Basket… control the layout design of your ad’s block.

And then Click to Get Code  for your Basket.

Then Follow these 3 Easy Steps:

Just Click “Get Code” to generate the WP Widget code. Copy and  save that code as a .php file. For example,  “mywidget.php.” Upload this file to your WP area, (/WP-Installation-Folder/wp-content/plugins/).

Then simply Go into your WordPress Admin area and find your new Widget listed in “Plugins” to activate it. (The Name of the plugin would be the name you named your basket!)

Finish by  Going  to Your WordPress Presentation -> Widgets section to choose how and where you want to display the widget on your Blog and save the changes!

You’re Done!

Everything else will be implemented with automatic precision. Just create your Basket, and with the click of a button, you’ll have generated a php code; save it as anything.php and upload the file as a plugin to your WordPress Blog.

Personal use only.

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