Posted by on Nov 29, 2010

Dynamic Pricing Generator

Make your visitors follow your prompt and BUY NOW! Create your Paypal® and 2CheckOut® dynamic prices and let Dynamic Pricing Generator increase your prices every second!

New features in the PRO version:

Php script – MySQL support

-The price is NOT rounded to the nearest dollar; 2 decimal points are included instead.

-You can create/edit/delete unlimited dynamic prices and call them through ANY server.

-You can get orders through AND

-Instant delivery of the purchase after payment: an email is sent to the customer and you also have the option to display the URL of the “Thank You” page online.

-A  built-in referral system!  You can activate/deactivate it for each of your dynamic prices. Your customers can refer your special prices to their friends.

-You can offer a 2-tier affiliate program. Your affiliates can SYNDICATE your dynamic prices in their pages.

-You can deactivate your affiliates and edit their information. Note: you must pay your affiliates manually – an option to set the commission paid is offered.

-You can browse all of your sales and the commissions of your affiliates.

-You can add customers to an autoresponder.

-You can add affiliates to an autoresponder.

-Fully template driven – you can edit/change any page you want.

-You can even change the language of the script by editing 1 file

Personal use only.

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